Abe Lincoln’s Tophat

Featuring Cave Comedy Radio mainstays Ben Kissel and Marcus Parks, Abe Lincoln’s Top Hat is a twice weekly take on the politics of our time. It’s the best way to stay sane in an ever changing world.


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One thought on “Abe Lincoln’s Tophat

  1. Craig says:

    To Ben,

    Regarding the podcast episode “Militarized America,” I believe I found what may be the biggest hurdle between discussing race relations and the police. That is, the absolute disconnect between those that are subjected to the over-policing of America and those that aren’t (in this case you). Your belief that the black community and BLM are the instigators and the source of the problem while the “heroic” police are forced to play their hand is an echo of what Rudy Giuliani has brainwashed you into believing.

    You claim that BLM don’t want conversation. I believe you don’t follow the movement outside of what you see on Fox if you truly believe that. And no mention of the mouthpiece of the police in this county in the forms of Rudy G., Joe Walsh or anyone else that sees blacks as uncontrollable monsters. Are their words great examples of dialogue? Your silence towards them but your chastising of BLM is loud and clear.

    Also I want to explain how the notion of a “dangerous” job has been hijacked by those that embrace cowardice and quick trigger-fingers. You said it is understable that a cop would murder anyone that scares him if he “wants to go back to his wife.” No, someone that cowardly does not get to be a cop. That is the right stance. To claim a scared cop has the right to do whatever is necessary is the problem.

    You and those like you are the reason the conversation is one sided. BLM protests the unfair system that tags black kids with records from the get go as well as the incapable police that murder people because they are “black with a broad nose.” They also attempt to have dialogue after being blamed for the murder of cops by a lone wolf. And they are met by you and other white guys saying they should sit down, shut up, and thank their lucky stars for the angels in uniform!

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